Facing a divorce or other legal family difficulties can be complicated, painful and draining.

For some couples with extremely complex financial portfolios, the divorce process can become even more stressful. Adding an experienced financial professional to your divorce team is a crucial way to ease that stress.

As a skilled forensic accountant, I navigate my clients through complex assets, income determination and other financial issues.

I am trained to not only examine and determine what a person’s business and personal financial records show, but what they may be hiding. I follow the facts and gather the evidence that can withstand scrutiny.

Family Law Services Services include

  • Cash available—used to assist parties in determining spousal and child support
  • Marital Standard of Living Reports—used to determine personal living expenses
  • Asset Tracing—used to support one or both of the parties separate property asset rights or claims
  • Examination of Business—reconstruct business books and records to be used to determine income for support

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