Owning and managing a business comes with its share of daunting challenges including finding the right personnel during periods of growth, determining whether to bring on additional partners and managing finances in a downturn.

In addition, there’s also the challenge of assuring that your business is not a victim of theft, fraud or mismanagement. As a Certified Fraud Examiner, I specialize in forensic accounting and fraud investigations across a wide range of circumstances providing confidential, efficient and timely services. Don’t be complacent if you feel that your accounting books and records are being manipulated.

Areas of investigation include:

  • Financial statement and data analysis
  • Funds tracing
  • Asset misappropriation
  • Billing schemes

Fraud Investigation

Do you have questions such as these?

  • Why does my business partner refuse to explain expenses or provide me access to the accounting books?
  • Why is our cash flow so tight when business has been so good?
  • Could this mean that my business partner is hiding something?

If you suspect that your business has been a victim of fraud, you need answers. I can navigate the complex and voluminous financial evidence to provide you with answers through expert analysis.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention starts with good internal controls. As companies grow they require new procedures of checks and balances to protect against theft or fraud. I can assist you in being pro-active and putting smart procedures in place to reduce your risk of theft and fraud.

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